Aralias are beautiful big foliage plants which I grow outside in sheltered places. In the middle of winter their fingered green leaves shine in the sun.

 I think Aralias are often grown as indoor pot plants.
Aralia Leaf

The Moosey garden gets a bit cold in mid-winter, with morning frosts. Aralias would succumb (I think) if they were planted out in the open garden. So I deliberately grow them in shady spots underneath trees.

Good Plants for Pots

I remember seeing these handsome green plants grown inside as pot plants. My Aralias started off as budget priced bargains stuffed into pots on the house decking. Then I planted two out in the Wattle Woods by the Wattle Woods seat, and the other in the Willow Tree Garden, to see if they'd survive the winter. So far so good!

 Shiny green foliage to enjoy in winter.
Aralia by the Willow Tree

The berries are creamy-grey in colour, and add subtlety and textural interest in autumn.