Irrigating The Frisbee Lawn

This photograph was taken during a quite serious (for us) summer drought. Non-Gardening Partner has brought in one of the paddock irrigators to get some water on the Frisbee Lawn. Read his irrigation page for all the technical details.

 I couldn't garden here successfully without some form of irrigation.
water water everywhere

And how did the photograph below of the Frisbee Lawn manage to sneak its way in here, amidst all the other beautiful pictures of lawns and greenery? Alas, it shows the reality of gardening in Canterbury, New Zealand, without summer irrigation.

 Winnie the puppy on the Frisbee Lawn.
No Irrigation!

You can see why I often dream of turning this whole paddock into a large pond. I use the word 'drought', but in world terms it's minimal - no rain for three months, rather than three years, or more.