Camellias behind the Garage

Along the back of the garage wall are some Camellias, which have grown beautifully large. I look forward to their flowering each spring.

 Neighbours. The yellow dust on the leaves is pine pollen.
Tinsie and Plantation Pink Camellias

The first to flower is Tinsie, with pretty little red flowers. This is soon followed by Plantation Pink, with wonderfully large single pink blooms. An anonymous red (thankful to be liberated from a pot) then adds its colour high above.

 Heavily in flower, as usual.
Jurys Yellow Camellias

The New Zealand hybrid Jury's Yellow flowers further away by the corner of the garange, all on it's own. It would more accurately be called 'Jury's Creamy-Beige'. but this name has a very clunky ring to it, yes?

Meant to be a rockery...

This garden was originally meant to be a rockery. But someone's plans were fatally flawed - creating a successful rockery was more than simply laying a few rugged rocks in the ground.

That same someone then planted shrubs that grew far too big - namely Hebes, Phormiums and Pseudopanax, as well as the Camellias. Then there was that dwarf conifer that wasn't a dwarf... Or maybe someone didn't read the label properly?