New Blue Garden Seats

Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue... Except my new garden chairs were gifted from a friend, and they arrived in a most dreadful state, with peeling white paint.

 Kindly donated by one of my friends.
The Old Garden Seats

But every good gardener has to have a good imagination. Otherwise how would we know that a little scruffy thing in a pot would eventually grow tall, and be absolutely beautiful?

 The colour of the warm tropical sea.
The Garden Paint

Lurking in the Garage

And every sensible gardener has someone lurking in the garage, someone who is keen to help in the scraping and painting of garden furniture. After all, these things have to be done properly - there's the weather to consider! One likes to get at least three stylish years out of painted wooden outdoor furniture...

Decisions, Decisions...

Meanwhile the gardener takes full responsibility for the really important decisions. Where in the garden should the seats be positioned? Should they be in a summer or a winter spot? Sun or shade? Or - aargh! - should they move around from season to season?

And what about colour combinations? The paint choice is a soft, warm turquoise blue. How will this colour look against, say, a bevy of pastel pink spring roses? Or some shining yellow summer daisies?

And so my new garden chairs sit, and they wait for that final transformation from ugly ducklings to beautiful swans - turquoise swans? Anyway, I've chosen the paint to echo the beauty of tropical island colours, and I've chosen the painter because he is officially on his summer holiday and doesn't really have anything else to do - except mow the lawns, that is.

 Yippee! Now I need to remember to sit on them!
My New Blue Garden Seats Are Finished!

Look! They're finished, and in the garden ready for book reading and relaxing by the water. Lovely!

 Sitting in the secret lawn.
Gardener and Winnie the dog