The Cricket Radio

Cricket is a ball game played by two teams - and it can go on for ages. So cricket commentaries obviously go on for ages too, and a gardener can get heaps of gardening done while listening - on a cricket radio!

Strictly speaking, a cricket radio is cheap, small, crackly, and portable, and it should follow the gardener around. Versatile, too - it will also be used to listen to the rugby, possibly the news, or classical music.

 My red cricket radio.
Cricket Radio Mark Four

The cricket radio will be left on and dumped with the garden tools, acting as a sound beacon later in the day, when the gardener has forgotten where she left the rake. This system doesn't always work, as helpful non-gardening partner will sometimes switch the radio off - to save the batteries. Aargh!

The current Moosey cricket radio is the Mark Five version. All the others have either been mulched, have broken down in the dirt, or been left outside once too often in the rain. Cricket radios are of dubious quality - a bit like the New Zealand cricket team!