This path goes through the middle of Middle garden!
Puppy on a Dog-Path

A Dog-path is a path through the garden which follows (as strictly as possible) the exploratory route taken by a dog. The Moosey Dog-paths were originally suggested by much loved Tajdog, the first Moosey dog.

Follow Your Nose

Dogs are excellent path finders, as they aren't interested in superficial wiggles and unnecessary curves. They get straight to the place of interest - well, nearly straight, simply by following their noses. And then the next time they'll travel that same way, since they can smell themselves, having gone before. And so a dog-path is born!

No Plans Needed

And there's none of the nonsense about having to draw a plan, or measure anything, either. Dogs are naturals, though streamlined dogs can suggest paths which robustly built gardeners might have difficulty with.

 The original path designer.

Although such routes are called Dog-Paths, they are not exclusively used by the Moosey dog. Cats, chooks, and of course people use the Dog-Paths daily.

At Mooseys one such path has even given its name to the surrounding garden. The Dog-Path Garden is the garden area reaching from Middle Bridge upstream to the next water crossing, called the Plank. This path has been extended, then blocked by an oversized flax, then covered with stones, which the current dog Rusty kicks off into the water...