The Plank

One of the bridges spanning the narrow water race is called 'The Plank'. That's exactly what it is - a plank of wood (actually two pieces on top of each other). It's basic, wobbly, and a real trap for the unwary visitor.

 Percy crossing the water race.
Percy on the Plank

The Plank, unfortunately, has acquired deep sentimental value, so much so that this smooth slab of wood is considered a living treasure in the Moosey garden. It is subject to a heritage order, and cannot be replaced or upgraded.


Now the soil supports at each end are washing away, and the Plank is fast becoming rather unstable. The Head Gardener has fallen off a few times - very embarrassing. Once she lost a whole wheelbarrowful of mulch while foolishly trying to take a shortcut. Off floated the rotting hay, tantalisingly slowly, to potentially block up a downstream culvert. Oops.

 Just in case a visitor falls in and sues the Moosey Corporation...
The Plank is Closed

The cats and the dog are extremely adept at zooming over the Plank without fear of falling. But when Rusty was a brand new puppy he fell off and had to swim to safety, while his accompanying humans chuckled rudely. Another oops!