House Path

Gardeners (and the household pets) used to have a wet grass trip from the house decking around to the back door. That was before a small paving stone path was laid along the edge of the lawn.

 Connecting the decking with the laundry path at the side of the house.
House Path

The slabs have smooth pebbles laid into the concrete, and were a present from Non-Gardening Partner. See - he does listen to my suggestions - from time to time! They were easily laid in a sprinkling of sand, and the garden border plants soon fell naturally over the edge, making the path look like a permanent feature.

 With a deep blue geranium flower spilling over the edge.
Pebble Pavers

Perfect for Cats

Mugsy the disabled cat hates getting her feet wet, so this tiny path is perfect for her needs. The pebbles are smooth enough for her feet. She can be thrown out on the decking, and scoot quickly round to the cat-door in the laundry without any discomfort.