An Open Letter to Autumn 2011

 The tree is called Charlotte.
Crab-Apple Autumn Leaf

I've got something to say to you, Autumn of 2011, the season of the moment. There's no way you're going to fool me this year. I'm checking up on you every single day. Got it? Every single day. Ha! Not that I wish to sound like a member of the Garden Police - or your mother...

Autumn Colours Dilemma

And I've worked out the dilemma of autumn colours, too. They are rather sneaky. The words are strong and full of the forces of life - for example, 'ruddy', 'blushing', 'fiery', and 'glowing'. But that which they describe (shrub foliage, a tree leaf, and so on) is actually dying. Oops.

And each time the wind blows there is less of you up on the trees, and more on the ground below. I've worked that out, too!

 Dogwood, Maple, Oak leaves, Silver birch, Toadstools
Autumn of 2011

Please could you slow down a little, to keep up with my sedate older-lady gardening pace. After all, this is my garden and I'm in charge of most things in it. OK - I'm in charge of some things, weather and energy permitting. C'mon, Autumn, be a good sport. Stay awhile.

Yours sincerely,
Moosey (Head Gardener).