The four piece dog-pack

Here we all are, a four piece dog pack, two browns and two black and whites. An exciting day for collies Winnie and Pebbles - brown dog visitors! Yeay! We can all go barking mad and chase the pants off the cats...

Four-Piece Dog-Pack

But instead we start off with some short, disciplined walks. There's lots of talking (me), so the wildlife on the property (pheasants, ducks, and pukekos) will hear us coming. We have tennis balls as distractors. The theory is that it's more fun chasing the ball than jumping a fence and chasing the neighbour's sheep. Hopefully.

Escher! Where are you?

Three of us come back when called, but Escher, the senior brown dog keeps wandering off out of sight. This is a worry - Escher's nose can get him into big (and stinky) trouble.

 Esscher loves rolling down the grass slope.
Dogs on the Frisbee Lawn

Oh the joy of four dogs! Trying, for example, to take a photograph of them all. Pebbles is simply barking mad, Winnie wants her tennis ball to be thrown, Frida gallops around like a dog with ten elbows, and Escher has managed to find a fallen bird's nest filled with rotten eggs, which he's eating. Yuk!

 Escher is the swimming dog.
Dogs at the Pond

Off we go to the pond. One of us (Escher) just launches ourselves into the cold water. He is a do-it before you think-about-it kind of dog. Some of us (Frida and Pebbles) are more circumspect. One of us (hello Winnie) requires a ball or a stick to be thrown in. There is no synchronised dog-swimming. Let's face it - we are incapable of all being in the same place at once, let alone all doing the same thing at once.

Oh joy!

Oh joy! Handling a four-piece dog pack should be easier than herding cats, right? Wrong!