Gardening Choices

 The flowery one...
Which Cup to Choose?

Choices, choices... Energetic gardeners with loads of gardening time on their hands are forever making choices. Which tree? Oh dear. Or perhaps a flowering shrub? Where to site a Lavender garden? And should this rose be shifted? Aargh! All these gardening decisions, all this mental squirming...

If you think that my choices just involve being a responsible and super-sensible gardener, and picking (for example) the right tree, think again. Here's a typical Moosey gardening morning moment.

The First Cup of Coffee...

It's my first cup of coffee, before I go outside. Aargh! Which cup am I going to use? The moose mug (for self-affirmation), the Dunoon goldfinch cup (in honour of Scotland's wonderful botanical gardens), or the one with garden symbols - celebrating my seedy, flowery, all-over-the-place gardening spirit? That decision over, it's time to think about the first task of the gardening day. Quite often I've made a previous promise in my journal. So my next choice is obvious. Do I do that which I said I would do, or do I ignore myself and find something completely different to do?

The 'What and the 'Where'

Hee hee. The rebel normally wins. So now I have more choices to make - specifically the 'what' and the 'where' of the new task of the day. Where do I feel like gardening this morning? Never mind what needs to be done - do I fancy wafting dreamily in a leafy forest (clearing in the Wattle Woods) or being prissy and fussy (weeding the house patio garden). Am I feeling big-minded, or small-minded?

 The Wattle trees are winter-flowering.
The Wattle Woods

And now for the 'what'. Having decided on the garden border, the next choice can involve the plants themselves. Winter is usually mild in my garden, so it's the perfect time to see mistakes and put them right. Overcrowding? Choose something and dig it out or cut it down (often a Phormium or a Pittosporum gets the chop at these times). A gap? Choose a new shrub to fill it. When in doubt - a rhododendron or a rose. But which variety? And what about colour?

 I love then all!
Which Rose?

Me and Roses

Me and roses. The choice isn't, unfortunately, which three new roses I should buy. The reality is more like this: I've rescued four standard roses and five bare-rooted shrubby ones, and I have two more in far-too-shady places waiting to be shifted. They all deserve a nice place in the sun, and I haven't a clue exactly where they can all go.

No - that's not strictly true. Each day I have a different plan for the standard roses, at least. Oh dear. Which is the best spot for them? Choices, choices...

I Choose...

This morning I chose, in order most particular: the garden symbol mug, something completely different, the Wattle Woods Gardens (must be feeling big-minded), an obese Phormium tenax (to get the chop)... And what about that new shrub? Definitely not a rhododendron (too dry), and not a rose (too shady). Blast. What can I choose then?