Spring Pinks

 Sunny pink!
Warm Pink Camellia

Pink isn't a colour that I immediately associate with early spring. A pink face, perhaps, as the gardener works hard getting the garden ready for the warmer weeks to follow. But this year in the Moosey Garden pink flowers are early-springing up everywhere.

Cool Pinks of Winter

It all started weeks ago in winter, of course, with the cool pinks. I began noticing lots of blue-pink Hellebores (the so-called winter roses), and poked my camera up close to the beginning buds of my pink Bergenias.

Now the Camellias are blooming in the Wattle Woods - warm rose pinks, as well as the more middle-of-the-pink-road shades. My earliest Camellia, a pale baby pink, has been flowering for a few weeks now.

 Pictures of two separate shrubs. They might be the same variety?
Flesh-Pink Camellias

This pale pastel is a very soft flower colour for this time of the year, and easily missed on a dull day. But on a sunny day it contrasts beautifully with the glossy green leaf colour and the pastel blue sky.

 Pink rhododendron? Hmm...
PInk Azalea and Bee

Early Pink Rhododendrons

The early pink rhododendron (which I call an azalea) in the middle of the Island Bed is almost past its best - but the bees don't agree with me! Meanwhile, at a much lower level in another garden, Graham the pretty white and pink rhododendron is flowering, though I have to bend right down to appreciate him!

I do wonder about the sense in growing such a low rhododendron in a level garden, though. Perhaps he'd look better in a hillside rockery?

Pink Hyacinths

Finally there are the ballet-tutu pink hyacinths flowering in a pot near my garage. So pretty! I've never grown hyacinths before, and I rescued these from the nursery, well past their plant-me-please date. I'm so lucky they decided to grow for me.

 Hyacinth, prunus blossom, Bergenia, and rhododendron Graham.
Cool Pink Flowers

Hope you enjoy all my pink spring flower pictures.