Building the Perfect Gazebo

 I love this book!
Garden Gazebo Book

Here's the quickest way to make your Non-Gardening Partner disappear in a puff of smoke. Present him with this book, entitled 'How To Build the Perfect Gazebo', put on your most innocent, smiling, expectant face, and block the exit. Hee hee...

I found this book in the local library, and as a non-builder of gazebos I immediately saw its incredible potential. I loved the different pictures of ready-mades, nestling in beautiful gardens, as well as the detailed sequences of builder's hands measuring, cutting, and fitting pieces of wood together.

I Want One!

I always thought I'd like a gazebo, but this book has convinced me that I definitely want one. I can choose between four, six, or eight sides, I can have trellis or railings, I can even have a gazebo with a tiny tower reached by a ladder. I can a raised gazebo (I'm thinking it's a belvedere) with steps contructed to reach it.

The writer makes the gazebo of my dreams seem possible, and gives me confidence. I like this book! I like the drawings, the step-by-step photographs, and the pictures of real gazebos in gardens. Now all I need is a cold, rainy, indoorsy sort of day, Non-Gardening Partner pinned down in the TV couch, and a power outage...

How To Build the Perfect Gazebo


The reason that I can't give all the details is that I've lent the book to my friend, whose gazebo collapsed in the wind. Should she repair or replace? Anyway, Non-Gardening Partner is sighing with relief - he thinks it's 'out of sight, out of mind'...