Hazelnut Trees Growing

The Hazelnut trees in the orchard seemed to take ages to grow - change was gradual, and sometimes it was hard to see any progress. But it was important to keep taking photographs to show what was happening.

 The tree on the left is a different variety and it gets its leaves later.
Hazelnut Trees

This recent photograph, above, was taken in October 2016. The trees are now fully grown, and producing. The dogs love snacking on hazelnuts, too.

 Rusty the dog is roaring towards the photographer.
Hazelnut Trees - October 2008

So just like children, all of a sudden trees are fully grown. When did that happen? Wow!

Hazelnut Trees - February 2005

Back in 2003

As soon as the trees were planted in 2003, I took a series of early photographs for the Moosey records. I felt rather silly, as there was nothing much to see.

 The grass in the paddock looks nice and green. Wait until summer comes!
Hazel Orchard - First Spring

But if you peer closely you might spot the knee-high little sticks. They are the Hazelnut trees, when first planted - in the early spring of 2003.