Orchard Dog

 Rusty the intelligent red border collie - sorry, Taj-Dog!
Dog in the Hazelnut Orchard

If only Rusty the red Border Collie would spend more time in the Hazelnut Orchard chasing away the rabbits and less time chasing away the birds and planes!

Birds Beware!

Rusty spends a lot of time out here racing around after flying objects - he probably thinks he's helping out. Plover birds - beware! You will be escorted out of the paddock by a barking bundle of cream fur.

Magpies and pigeons, too - get out of Moosey airspace! Bumble bees - buzz off!

Dirty Dog

Sometimes Rusty stops searching the skies for invaders and lets his nose take over. Then there will be a concentrated excavation of a recent rabbit hole, with a resulting dirty dog. The rabbits do damage the orchard trees, so Rusty is most welcome to catch them - if he can!

It's the perfect exercise field for a young dog with energy to burn. Sometimes you even get to chase the tractor...

 Nosing behind the Hazelnut Orchard gate.
Rusty behind the Gate

The gate which allows entrance to the Hazelnut Orchard is usually always open.