Irises by the Water

The rich blue flowers from these Japanese Irises by the water can finally be seen and properly enjoyed. My rational clearing of overgrown Phormium Tenaxes (flaxes) from the edge of the water race has born fruit - or in this case, flower. Aren't they a beautiful colour? I love blue.

 So pretty.
Blue Japanese Iris

Why didn't I do this clean-up years ago! Just occasionally in past years I've noticed a few flashes of blue, caught up in the stiff flax spikes. Then this year, in late spring - wow! What a beautiful sight!

 Along one edge of the water race.
Japanese Irises by the Water

The irises have been flowering now for over three weeks. I see them every day as I walk past to feed the hens. Wonderful blooms! Gorgeous colour!

New colours...

I was also given several pots of irises by a friend - colours unknown. The water-side place that I initially planted them was far too shady in summer, so I shifted them to a spot on the edge pf the water by Duck Lawn, out in the open.. Yeay! They're mainly yellows. So pretty!

 Flowering got the first time!.
Yellow Japanese Irises