Disney Garden Gnomes

Oops. I'm lowering the tone of my house gardens by allowing a group of freshly painted Disney gnomes to take up residence. Their bright red hats are clearly visible from the house patio.

 Disney style.
Garden Gnomes

The gnomes are standing by purple Heuchera, a white carpeting phlox, and a small purple ground cover, a New Zealand Biddibiddi (AKA Acaena). They were rescued from a cardboard box at the back of a charity shop, in a complete jumble, their clothing in a dreadful state. I must admit I prefer the retro concrete chaps, but hey! I couldn't leave this lot behind.

Garden Gnomes Mistaken for Red Tulips!

I'm writing this in spring, when many groups of bright red tulips are flowering in the Moosey Garden borders. I don't often wear my spectacles in the garden, and when I spy the red hats of the gnomes I'm always taken by surprise - surely I didn't plant a batch of red tulips in there?

 Some of my own gnomes could do with rescuing!
Abandoned Garden Gnomes

Oh dear! Oh dear, dear me. Only a few short years later, attacked by that fierce garden hose monster - and nobody has helped them back to their feet. What a disgrace! What neglect!