Big Bronze Phormium (Flax)

 Mutabilis is one of my most favourite roses.
Bronze Flax

In the small garden between the decking and the house I've planted a big dark bronze Phormium (flax) with a Mutabilis rose climbing up the house wall behind. The various pots which sit in front are changed according to the seasons.

Coprosma in a Pot

In this archive photograph there's a variegated red Coprosma in one of the pots.

Since this photograph was taken the flax suffered a couple of severe flattenings by snow. Then in summer it would perk up again, its flowers reaching to the upstairs balcony, so I'd allow it to stay for another year. Phormium Tenax flaxes are upright - they look pretty silly with a droop!

Too Big?

I've always worried that the flax would get too big for its position - but would I ever have the nerve to cut it out? Answer - yes, absolutely yes! The last big snow-storm convinced me. But I was canny - I sliced down all the flattened leaves but left the roots. In no time the flax had regrown, and in no time it was seriously big again! Oops...

The Mutabilis rose suffered in that storm, too, and virtually has had to start again. That's no trouble for this tough old-fashioned rose.

 Back in business!
Bronze Flax - 2009

Oh dear. In the autumn of 2011 the big bronze flax had to be completely removed. It was simply TOO BIG! I've thrown the root clumps into the compost by the fenceline and I do hope that they repsrout for me there. Life goes on, in the ever-changing garden...