Garden Table Cat

There's always been at least one patio table upon which the Moosey cats can relax and loll about. The patio is sunny and sheltered, and a wary eye can be kept on any movement in the house. One wouldn't want to miss out on any food snacks...

 And the cricket radio.
Tabby Kitten Tiddles on the Table

It's hard work being a cat at Moosey's. You have to ask some pretty important questions - for example, where is the sun? where is my food? when is my food?

 Stumpy cat dozing in the summer sun on the garden patio table.
it's hard work being a cat

Stumpy the cat used to love lying here on the old outdoor table, with the feathery plumes of the Calamagrostis grass behind her.

 They are safe up there...
Fluff-Fluff the Cat Watching the Birds

Every Moosey cat since has spent some quality time on this table in the sun. It's right near the garden border, and who knows? Perhaps a silly bird will forget there's a cat on duty.... Pounce! You wouldn't do that, though, would you Fluff-Fluff?