New Dawn Rose Arch

Back in the gardening day I planted two New Dawn roses each side of the front path, to frame the entrance to the lower patio and the house. The roses formed a beautiful archway and gently dropped pale pink petals on the patio beneath.

 the palest pink rose
new dawn - from the archives

Someone had to sweep up the petals on the patio though, as they got very slushy after rain. That was a pity, as the idea of pale pink rose petals was very romantic. What was not so romantic was the rose disease called rust, which raged through New Dawn, resulting in clouds of a light bright orange mist dropping from the leaves.


Ha! I took decisive action in the year 2001 and chopped both roses down to the ground. I was in charge here! But, oh so gradually, they re-sprouted, and so I gave them another chance. I tried my best to remember to spray at the first signs of rust.

 The Wisteria has taken over that role.
New Dawn - Not Quite an Archway Anymore

The flowers are really lovely, such a delicate pink. So all is forgiven. Funny how one tried to take garden control, and then nature quietly takes it back. Good work, New Dawn. Welcome back, and please feel free to form that archway again - if you can compete with the Wisteria.