Early Photographs...

The gardens around the house have stayed the same shape over the years, though plants have come and gone. One year they're full of flowering annuals, next year the fountain grasses overwhelm everything. Then it's the year of the pot, then the year of extreme pinkness, when weedy Campion fills every available piece of soil.

Early Photographs

It seemed a good idea to collected up the earliest photographs and put them on their own page. Naturally the focus may not be the sharpest, nor the colours the most appealing. But (for me at least) they bring back great memories.

 Fallen down onto the patio tiles. Oops.
New Dawn

The picture below is from the Moosey Archives, taken in the late spring of 1998.

 spring colour and patio roses
Pergola House Roses - Summer 1998

The roses struggle on with all this competition. Some are OK, others are definitely not so happy. I suspect much of the soil has been soured by building rubble all those years ago when the house was renovated. Chunks of it come up whenever I dig in the bay window garden.

Archives Mary Rose PHotographs

These photographs were also taken in the summer of 1998. The Mary roses are grown on their own roots, and have to survive some dry times in this garden. Unfortunately they are not as healthy as grafted bushes.

 Mary Rose and friends
mary rose in the garden - 1998

The lawn sweeps around the small bay window garden to the gardens beyond. The Island Bed is on the right, and there is a grass path which leads through to the Driveway Lawn. This area always look great when the lawns are mowed.

 roses in bloom everywhere
house gardens - 1998

One thing I notice looking at these old photographs is how much the permanent plantings in the background have grown. Take that shrubby conifer in the distance, for example - I wish it was still this size!