Watering Cans

My two blue plastic watering cans are extremely useful for the patio pots. No point in hiding them away - they're used twice a day in the heat of summer.

 Nothing rustic about these workers!
Watering Cans on Patio Table

And no point in them being ornamental and rustic - they are filled from my kitchen sink, so they have to fit underneath a modern tap! Oops - just occasionally I've had the tiniest flood, where I've wandered off leaving the water running. 'Why are you washing all the towels again?' asks Non-Gardening Partner...

 Silly cat!
Fluff-Fluff and the Watering Cans

Thanks to Fluff-Fluff the cat for making the functional blue plastic look so stunning!

Different watering can, different cat

Now Fluff-fluff the pale ginger cat is dearly departed, and rests underneath the pink flowering cherry Kanzan just across from the patio. Welcome to Fred, one of two tabby boy twin cats, and another of my plastic watering cans - a beauty in green plastic.

 Hiding behind the watering can.
Fred the Cat