Mugsy in the Grass

 The gentlest of cats.
Mugsy the Cat

This is the littlest cat Mugsy in the grass by the Island Bed. She rarely ventures further from the house than this.

Fearless - and Brainless!

It's a struggle getting Mugsy to be any sort of cat company at all in the garden. If I'm weeding in the Island Bed (and am not being too noisy) she'll come and visit. She squeaks a 'hello' rather than the normal cat 'miaow'.

Mugsy is naturally very tiny for an adult cat, and this is part of her charm - she is loved by all visitors, especially for the coloured markings on the face. The absolute straight line between her black and orange face fur is very striking.

And she is totally fearless - through lack of brain rather than any forcefulness of character! Mugsy will take any other cat or dog, bat it with a limp paw, and get away with it. Like all the Moosey cats she has her own story, should you be interested.

Update - Mugsy was one of the original Moosey cats, and now has her memorial tree in the Hazelnut Orchard.