Island Bed Images

Here are some recent images of the Island Bed and the Shrubbery. Distant views of the Island Bed are rather similar, with just seasonal differences. Only the gardener (me) would know which 'sector' is being featured. But it does house some very pretty trees and foliage shrubs, well worth peeping at - lilacs, spring blossom, and just a few rhododendrons.

The Island Bed is particularly beautiful in autumn, when the Dogwood and the Prunus trees show off their brilliant colours.

And of course the Shrubbery (with its upper case 'S') is full of foliage treasures, and two rustic garden benches hidden away in a enclosed little courtyard. The best way to enjoy the Shrubbery is from the network of little paths. That is, when the paths are passable (cleared of periwinkle) and there's not too much overhanging mess.

And when Souvenir de Madame Leonie de Viennot is behaving. She's a sprawling beauty of a rose, with no respect for sheep netting fences or archways.