Cerise Dahlia

 This cerise dahlia grows underneath my Graham Thomas roses.
Cerise Dahlia

My dahlias have rather randomly appeared in different parts of the garden. This cerise beauty lives underneath the Graham Thomas roses in the Jelly Bean Garden. I can see its flowers from the house decking.

Inspired Colour Combination

Late in the summer the dahlia and its beautiful yellow rose-neighbour Graham Thomas will flower together. This is an inspiring colour combination - one I wish I could claim to be purposefully planned. Don't the dahlia and the rose look great together!

Random Planting

But, like in other parts of my garden, my dahlias have planted themselves somewhat randomly. Oh well - perhaps they know best!

Provided my watering system works, and I remember to indulge in a little secret staking, the cerise dahlia will last well into May, which is late autumn.

 The rose is Graham Thomas
Cerise Dahlia and Yellow Rose