A New Zealand native shrub-tree.
Pseudopanax - Five Finger

Evergreen native shrubs are popular in New Zealand gardens, where the climate is supposed to be moderate, mild and moist. In Middle Garden you'll find lots of self-sown Pseudopanax, which I call Five-Fingers, for obvious reasons.

Pseudopanax is evergreen, with beautiful glossy green foliage. The variety in my garden has groups of five leaves. It's a great filler shrub, and will usually re-sprout if chopped back down.

And it will happily become tree-sized, if you take your eyes off it for a couple of years. Oops!

Checking with Wikipedia : 'Pseudopanax is a small genus of seven species of evergreen plants which are endemic to New Zealand'. I have absolutely no idea which variety my seedling shrubs are, and no recollection of ever buying one.

 A New Zealand native which self-seeds a lot in my garden.
Pseudopanax Leaves

I do grow the variegated variety called Gold Splash in the garden behind the pond.