The Head Gardener Gardening

 Working hard.
Pre-Digital Head Gardener

What's that saying? Don't use your back as a crane? Gardeners know that they shouldn't bend over like this, but often the rules get broken.

For misplaced reasons (usually involving vanity) lady gardeners usually don't allow themselves to be photographed, either - particularly if they've got their bottoms in the air! We're happier hiding behind our plants.

An Early Vision...

This is a rather early vision of gardener loveliness. Middle Garden was very new, and I was busy digging and preparing the new garden for planting. There was no such thing as digital photography.

Blue Gardening Shirts

But, like now, I favoured blue gardening shirts. I wouldn't wear any other colour in the garden. And my hair was messy, always falling out of its plait or ponytail.

To trace the gentle aging of the Head Gardener, I've added the series of photographs below. Though they weren't actually taken in Middle Garden, the person is the same, though sometimes far less shy of the camera! You will note the succession of well-worn blue gardening shirts, both for summer and winter work. Cheers.

 Hee hee...
Head Gardener in Blue Gardening Shirt