Orange Dahlia

 This dahlia flowers year after year - it's never been shifted.
Dahlia in Middle Garden

The soft orange dahlia in these photographs was originally dumped in Middle Garden to fill a gap. The early garden was sunny, and certainly had lots of wide open spaces. It's one of my favourite dahlias, and is given the honour of being the only dahlia allowed to grow here.

I also planted some golden Corokia shrubs nearby. These are great New Zealand natives which are happy in most garden situations.

There's a bonus here, though. They act as support for the dahlia's flowers, since my staking policy is pretty much non-existent. If you're a dahlia growing this far from the house you have to survive completely on your own!

The orange dahlia blooms last well into late autumn. Even though it isn't the sunniest of garden spots, I haven't thought to move it out. I love its colour combination with the gold and green of the Corokia.

 What a beautiful soft colour.
orange dahlia