Anemanthele Grass

The feathery cascading grass Anemanthele lessoniana is very light and weightless, with reddish tones from mid-summer on. I've always called it either Mountain or Fountain Grass, and other gardeners call it Gossamer grass. Whatever its name, I think it's rather stylish...

 Photographed in the late afternoon sun.
Anemanthele Grasses and Phormiums

I treat these grasses as short-lived, and always have several specimens 'on the go' in different borders. It's such a useful textural New Zealand native in garden design. And let me tell you - 'Anemanthele' is a rather interesting name to spell correctly!


Anemanthele is modestly generous with its seedlings, too, which impresses me. I often scoop them up and have all sizes growing on in small pots behind the glass-house. The grasses themselves look beautiful for three or four years. Then it's usually time to dig out and replace.

 The driveway edge of the garden area I've been working in.
Anemanthele Grass

In late summer the seed-heads fluff out, and I clean up the grass by gently pulling them off. It's a strange feeling, like combing hair with your fingers and having it all fall out. I love this grass.

 A cascading ornamental grass.
Anemanthele Grass