Jester Flax (Phormium)

 The colours are delightful.
Hybrid Flax Jester

New coloured flax (Phormium) hybrids are released in New Zealand every year. The latest pink toned one is called Jester, and I have three growing in different parts of my garden.

Pink and Green Leaves

The coloured hybrid flax Jester has leaves which are bi-coloured - a warm pink and a mid sage green. It's a stunning colour combination in one plant.

My first Jester flax was planted with fresh air and space to breathe - along from the Willow tree in the spacious Eggy Garden. I will have to make sure the flax doesn't get crowded out, though.

Overwhelmed by Lychnis

I also have a Jester flax which theoretically I can see from the house. This plant unfortunately tends to get overwhelmed by white flowering Lychnis in summer, and hard to see (until I get annoyed and pull the Lychnis out). It's growing on the edge of the Jelly Bean Garden. By winter, when the garden is quite bare, the warm colours are a delight to see.

 In the Stables Garden.
Jester Flax (Phormium)

A third plant sits on the corner of the Stables Garden, rather too close to a grass path. The lawnmower tends to damage the overhanging leaves a bit. Oops! And over the seasons the leaves seem to change colour. The winter look is pinker...

What's In a Name?

I wonder how this flax got its name? Possibly from its weeping shape - someone thought it looked like the top of a jester's cap. Hmm...

 The peonies are in full autumn foliage colour.
Jester Flax in Autumn