Cape Campbell - Signs and Shelters

The signposts and shelters on the Cape Campbell Walkway are wonderful morale boosters. Arrows give confidence, local names cause much giggling, and the shelters are perfect rest spots. And a sign saying the next shelter is only 300 meters away is worth a thousand hand-drawn maps!

 I wonder what it means?
Farm Sign

The route on the Cape Campbell Walkway is marked with striped poles, signs, painted arrows on rocks, and the occasional colourful scrubby tree trunk. The local signs are humorous, and there are lots and lots and lots and lots of stiles - excellently designed for the length and flexibility of the older female leg.

 Much easier than trying to climb the fence.
A Farn Stile

Shelters pop up en route, each with a rustic toilet, and a variety of seats are positioned for rest and view-gazing. An old car with fluffy dice and a tin of barley sugar sweets is parked overlooking the first cliff-top view.

One of the beach shelters faces away from the sea - guess why? There's a tiny old caravan in a tussocky valley, and a hammock in the shade (plus an old Leonard fridge) for the very last lunch stop.

 Choose your favourite!
Cape Campbell Walkway Shelters

Unexpected things out in the open make hikers giggle, and small camping stoves upon which to make a hot cup of tea are heart and body-warming, especially for those walking in bad weather. It's a walking truth - if you're promised a great view, you could get a great wind. Best of all are the arrows - even if you're slow and tired, you know you're going in the right direction.

 Hee hee ...
Slow Hiker

Thank you to the operators of the Cape campbell Walkway for the shelters and signs. They're much appreciated.