Woolshed Creek, Mount Somers

 Enjoying the day out.
Head Gardener

Mount Somers (South Island, New Zealand) is a seriously bulky (and definitely male) mountain, even though he doesn't quite sit in the Main Divide. There's a network of tracks and huts, old coal mines, gorges, swing bridges...

BIG Birthday Hike

My friend and I chose a day trip on Mount Somers for my BIG September birthday hike. Starting at Woolshed Creek we would amble slowly up and down the track until we reached Woolshed Creek Hut. Ha! My friend had bought me a proper topographical map as part of my birthday present - terribly exciting!

Morning tea was enjoyed at the site of an old coal mine, with hobbit-like entrances into the hillside. There were many old pieces of rusting machinery - rails, buckets and such.

The track was alpine, above the bushline for much of the time, with great views. The highest point was marked by a Trig - the perfect place for taking some birthday photographs. Aargh! I wish I'd pulled my tummy in a bit for the camera click. Vanity about one's self-image doesn't fade away when a slightly chunky gardener hits the big SIX - O.

 My friend Biddy...
Looking Back - Woolshed Creek

True to form we two spent the entire trip congratulating each other on our fitness and intrepidness. We were both so proud of our old legs - such stamina! The map showed an interesting return trip along the next ridge-line. No problem - we'd do that variant next time. Age is no barrier, etc, etc... I glossed over the fact that I'm a bit 'scared' of heights when I'm on person-made structures (like swing bridges and fixed ladders).

 The track wanders along somewhere here...
Alpine Spur

We reminisced madly about past hikes we'd enjoyed, and made grand global plans for future fearless endeavours. And the old bits of rusting machinery gave an interesting historical edge to the scenery. Had my friend enjoyed herself on my BIG birthday hike? 'Yes - it's a wonderful track for old relics'.

'Speak for yourself', I cheekily replied...