Alchemilla Mollis

In my first perennial gardening phase I was inspired by photographs of well-watered English herbaceous borders. And so I fell hopelessly, romantically in love with the edging plant Alchemilla Mollis.

I duly purchased some plants, put them in front of my pink Mary roses, and waited. And waited - firstly, for some evidence of colonisation. I'd read stories about cute little seedlings popping up in unexpected places, and this seemed to me the perfect behaviour, to be encouraged. I waited, too, for the lush green leaves with delicate crimped edges to look beautiful, covered in dewdrops or little droplets of rain - just like those English garden photographs.

 Photographed at Winsford Walled Garden in North Devon
Alchemilla Mollis Foliage

Alas - perhaps the Moosey Garden isn't quite moist enough, or perhaps the New Zealand late spring sunshine is just too warm and strong. My Alchemilla Mollis has hardly bothered to self seed, and the plants I have look uncomfortably harassed. I'm currently trying some new divisions, planted in a new position, away from the hot, dry winds.

Genuine English Raindrops

I took this photograph when on holiday in North Devon - complete with genuine English raindrops. I'm throwing out a challenge to the Moosey Alchemilla Mollis - get growing! Or get thrown out, literally!