Rhododendron Flower Images

In private I've always called them 'rhodies' - a casual, loving term. From the very beginning of my country gardening journey I've considered rhododendrons my friends - shrubs which have always been jolly good company. Not too fussy, reasonably neat and tidy all year round...

And now, over twenty years down the track, I still love them dearly. Many of my treasured rhododendrons were rejects from a local nursery, nameless, when they arrived. Some which did carry labels were marked 'unknown apricot', 'lucky dip', and so on. Just a few have had their names properly recorded.

A few mature shrubs have themselves chosen a sad, slow death, unaided by me - it's a fungal issue, most likely. Oddly, their close next-door rhododendron friends have survived unscathed.


Oops. I've had a few RIPs. I shifted a Chrysomanicum once too often. So sorry! I planted a sale price Bumble Bee in the middle of a hot, windy summer and didn't water it properly. Oh dear. I totally forgot to check on Spring Dance, which I'd foolishly planted underneath some huge gum trees. Very thoughtless - it's stopped dancing permanently!

So, darling 'rhodies', this is your special page, upon which you can all show off your beautiful flowers. Nameless most of you may be, but that's not a problem. Such a variety of rich colours and delicate markings - borders and blotches, throats and anthers. A wonderful flower design. I'm sure your photographs will be enjoyed by all who click on them!

Especially for sticklers : I rather enjoyed reading the following rhododendron article, published in the Journal of the American Rhododendron Society. It doesn't help me name my anonymous beauties, but certainly shows just how many ways there are to describe and classify a rhododendron.