Danae Rose

I love the big 'antique' shrub rose Danae. But I've ignored her (photographically, at least) for years. She flowers for weeks on end, in lemon yellow shades which echo the fluffy rugosa Agnes, her nearest rose neighbour.

Lost in the overgrowth!

And this is the reason for my visual indifference. Agnes is big and fluffy, while Danae's flowers are small and subtle. It's just too easy to be impressed by roses with big blooms, so that a large shrub with tiny flowers gets lost in the overgrowth!

 Second flowering for this shy shrub.
Danae - Hybrid Musk Rose

Danae is a rose with a natural look, embracing the old with the new. At the same time you'll find bright yellow buds, newly opened lemon flowers, and pale near-white blooms that have finished.

 She has two very distinct flowering times.
Danae Rose

For me she starts flowering in late spring, and keeps on going for weeks. She also repeats later in summer, and then builds tiny rose hips in autumn.

Danae is a hybrid musk rose, bred by Pemberton in 1913 - so she's well over a hundred years old. According the British rose nurseries, in warm climates she can be grown as a climber. Well, my Danae is over two metres tall - so I must have a warm climate garden? Yeay! I knew that!