White Cistus - Rock Rose

 The flowers are a bright papery white.
White Cistus

Cistus are great shrubs. They are easy to find (often on the sale table at the nursery), and also easy to propagate. I've been less than kind to Cistus shrubs in my gardening past, though...

A White Flowering Shrub

The white flowering Cistus is in a narrow garden bordering the water race, by Duck Lawn. This shrub has large white flowers with maroon blotches. The leaves are quite bright green.

The white Cistus is next to a shiny green-leafed Astelia. These two plants (both rescued from the bargain bin at the local nursery) look great together - perfect easy-care shrubs for this part of my garden.

A Worthy Shrub

My books often mention Cistus as shrubs well worthy of nurturing. They are adaptable and long-flowering, and don't grow too straggly. From the photographs the white flowering Cistus looks like Cistus ladanifer. My book of shrubs goes on to mention various cultivars - it's bound to be one of these.

The other Cistus I grow has small soft pink flowers which bloom in late spring, and slightly grey-green foliage. It has a pretty texture even after flowering. I grow this pink Cistus by the Pond archway, where the pink flowering roses and the pink-toned hybrid flax make great companions.

 With a neighbouring flax and an Astelia.
Cistus in the Garden

I've bought these shrubs knowing they were short-lived, but I've also been sometimes guilty of accelerating their death - oops!

 They flower in the middle of summer.
Cistus Flower Close-Up

Cistus are also called Rock Roses - I'm not sure I know why. They are generous in flower.