With a spring flowering Hebe.
Variegated Agave

Agaves grow well in my garden, though I've put many of them in sheltered spots - and sheltered pots! Adult plants take up a lot of room, and it's unwise to put them anywhere where people might walk. Ouch - those spikes!


I bought a lot of rather large specimens for a rather small amount of money - the catch was that I had to move them myself. A friend helped, and we rolled each Agave up in a sheet and bundled it into my wee car. Ouch - those spikes!

The plain blue-green ones are all planted near the water tank in the orchard, while two fine variegated specimens are in containers. It's nice buying in big plants, but the next generation is also provided for. I have lots of variegated babies growing in little pots. I'll plant them out when they're bigger.

I don't think that Agaves would be suitable for a smaller garden, though. And toddlers might get a few nasty surprises! These beautiful plants look dreadful if they have to have their leaves chopped back. Aargh!