Eucalyptus Trees

Eucalyptus trees grow all along the fence-line behind the pond, and surround the pump house. Their bark gets stripped off in the winds - consequently the ground beneath is difficult to keep clear.

 Beautiful whitish bark.
Eucalyptus Tree Tops

They are commonly called Gum trees, and of course are native to Australia. Many types of Gum tree find the droughts that Canterbury suffers quite hard to survive. I notice I am always complaining about gum tree rubbish (bark and leaves) in my gardening journal. Still, it burns pretty well.

 Beautiful colours.
eucalyptus tree bark

All the mess dropped from the Eucalyptus trees goes on the bonfire - because the leaves, for example, cannot be composted. They take years to break down, and are filled with slightly toxic resins, which then inhibit plant growth. Only the toughest shrubs can grow underneath gum trees.

Mind your head!

And beware - never wander beneath them in strong winds - you're likely to get a branch or a heavy strip of bark landing on your head!

 This photograph was taken below a large Eucalyptus tree looking skyward.
Gum Tree Branches