Wattle Trees (Acacia)

The Wattle Woods started life with a number of Wattle, or Acacia, trees. But gradually over the years there's been wind and snow damage, and several have crashed to the ground, providing enough firewood for decades to come. A scary thought - the last time I counted there were only four left, which the arborist was busy cleaning and trimming.

 In the winter sun.
One of the remaining Wattle trees.

I'd hate to lose these remaining trees - you can't have a 'Wattle Woods' without Wattles!

Fallen Wattle Tree

Dappled afternoon sunlight falls on the Wattle Woods, always making the shapes of the tree trunks look interesting. In my early photographs some were on desperate leans. I brightly commented that they wouldn't fall over. Oops.

 They shouldn't fall over.
leaning tree trunks - 2004

Below is an early photograph, taken in the year 1998. The leaning Wattle tree was a little more upright then.

 They won't fall over.
leaning tree trunks - 1998

Prophetic words, which I wrote back in 1998 : 'And maybe one day soon, by the laws of Physics, the leaning Wattles will pass the point of no return...Oh yes - they did just that!