Driveway Garden Images

Every time I return home I give thanks for the trees and shrubs which grow in the Driveway Garden. It's an area that I take a lot of notice of, without necessarily taking very many photographs. Here are some of my most recent pictures.

The dogs and I walk around the drive every morning, and often wander off the track into the leafy wilderness of the Hump. The word 'wilderness' might just be a euphemism for 'total mess', but the dogs love it in here. The Welcome Garden (a newly shrubbed area) is better manicured, and its tough shrubs seem determined to survive with minimal irrigation. Herein you'll find the occasional flowery surprise - yellow Knifophias, blue and white species Agapanthus, variegated purple honesty.

But rhododendrons and blossom trees give the Driveway Garden its most memorable bursts of colour, while evergreen Pittosporums provide pretty greens all year round. In autumn there's a wonderful display of golds and reds from the deciduous trees. And guess what? Far too much autumn leaf raking to do!