My goodness...

My goodness I have had a great weekend. Why exactly? I've enjoyed some great music rehearsals and some great gardening. The distraction of the 2000 piece jigsaw is gone - it's finished. There are some beautiful colours in my garden, and the greenery is magnificent.

And my dogs have been good. Oh, those dogs! Cuddly, loveable, and rather basic. This morning we found a snatch of fur from some long-dead animal in the orchard. Yeay!

 Pebbles and Winnie
My Dogs

Winnie wriggled back and forth over it, coating her back with the smell. Stood up and gave a long, happy shake - this feels goooooood! Pebbles trotted over to check out the smell. Sniffed, then lifted leg and pee-ed all over it.

 With garden mix added to the soil.
Garden Clean-Up

What about the gardening? Aha! I've cleared the remaining patch of creeping ground-cover violets from the Allotment Garden. I've dug a load of garden mix into the Allotment Garden and given the Graham Thomas roses a good soaking.

 His early autumn colour.
Graham Thomas Rose

And right at the end of the day I went into the water race with the bread knife (oops) to slice flattened fans off a large green Phormium. Flattened fans! Trouble is, they end up pulling the whole flax apart, and this is not OK.

How good?

So how good have I been? Really, really good. Almost as good as my dogs. Because I cleaned up all my mess. Tra la la.

Next morning...

Oh dear me. Pride comes before a fall. Overnight the big irrigation ran for five hours, and this morning I cannot find my little (bright red) cricket radio, which I was listening to in the garden. So now it is well watered, as well as lost? Aargh!

It will probably turn up in a pile of home compost, along with mislaid diggers, and the kitchen bread knife (that's missing, too).