Happy New Year

 In the Hump Garden.
Pink Dahlia

What a year 2020 has been! Bad for the world, good for the garden... And I guess not so bad for a moderately unsociable gardener based safely in New Zealand, oops. So what's it to be, 2021?

Dead-Head the Dahlias...

Same old, same old, as far as the garden is concerned. My New Years Day plan is to weed in the Hump Garden, just like last year. And as I will in the days to come, hopefully. I have already made one New Year's Resolution - namely to dead-head the dahlias right from the start of their flowering.

Woke up early with four dogs in the house and a lack of Fred cats (who are naturally cautious about the visitors). Found a Fred yesterday sulking in the rafters of the garage, presented him with a bowl of food which he gobbled up. Won't try calling the other Fred until the dogs go home. Young Frida is not to be trusted, because she has never lived with cats.

 Cooling off.
Pebbles in the Pond

An Amazing idea!

Wait! Have just had an amazing idea (not bad for 7:30am New Year's Day). I have a voucher! When the dogs go home I could pop into the big hardware and nursery store. I could even buy an ornamental weeping Maple. Maybe not in mid-summer?

OK, then I could buy Phormiums, Phormiums, and more Phormiums for the end of the Hump Garden. At least one dozen Phormiums?

Here's a realistic idea for the end of the Hump Garden. I continue weeding. Then I lay newspaper over the cleared ground, wet it, and cover it with horse manure. I pull out dead forget-me-nots, cut them up with scissors, and use this as mulch. Then, and only then, do I think about spending that voucher.

Here's an even more realistic idea. I put on decent shoes and take the four piece dog pack for a walk around the end of the Hump garden. Do more looking and thinking, take more photographs. Throw more tennis balls into the pond.

 Flowering Lychnis and ornamental grasses.
Frida in the Hump Mess

Much Later...

Lots of time spent having fun throwing balls on the Frisbee Lawn. No gardening, sorry, but we've walked through the Hump Garden several times. I'm still thinking.

After the visiting dogs went home I found both the Freds, a wee way away from the house. Fed them both - Black Fred is obviously in a serious sulk, but Red Fred rolled onto his tummy and then tried to leap up my leg. The collie dogs gave each Fred the hugest face-lick. Positive canine affirmation - nice!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone. Happy New Year with lots of tasty treats to all the dogs and cats.