Middle Garden Plantings

Middle Garden has always been a messy, busy garden, crammed full of foliage shrubs and flowers. The garden was originally dug around existing Pittosporums and Viburnums. Nothing ever stays the same for long in the middle of Middle Garden!

 The Phormium is still there, hidden behind the rhododendron.
Middle Garden Shrubs - 2013

The Magnolia Stellata in the centre of the early photograph below grew to be nearly two metres tall, and would put on brilliant spring flowering displays. Alas...

 A beautiful spring flowering tree.
Middle Garden Shrubs - Spring 2003

But the Phormium (flax) to the left in the picture is still growing strong. It's a large weeping hybrid called Tricolor. You'll see from these pictures how much I love spiky plants - particularly New Zealand native flaxes, cordylines, and astelias.

 The rhododendrons are growing happily in this garden.
Middle Garden Shrubs - 2002

This area is full of blue pansies every spring, thanks to my blue pansy mulching program.

Garden Designer Mess

In the beginning Middle Garden was a garden designer's mess - as seen in these archive photographs. Oops.

 You can see the rhododendron and phormium in the picture on the right.
Middle Garden Archive Photographs - 2000

Foliage plants like new Pittosporums with small delicately variegated leaves, flaxes, tussock grasses and rhododendrons shared space with sun-loving canna lilies and dahlias. But by 2005 the rhododendrons had inherited the garden, and the Pittosporums had grown far too tall. So many of the sun-lovers had to be shifted out for the sake of their continued good health.