Pond-Side Garden Border

The side border of the Pond Paddock backs onto a fence, and contains a great mixture of plants. One beautiful rhododendron shows off in late spring, followed by pink roses and foliage perennials. Dahlias grow here in late summer, and Honesty in spring.

 This garden is an extension of the Septic Tank Garden.
pond-side border plantings - 2003

Looking back along this side border in early Summer you'll see the yellow euphorbia filling up the gaps in the plantings. The photograph below was taken in the year 2000.

 Those seedlings do come up everywhere, though.
pond-side border plantings - 2000

Many people consider this plant looks weedy and it can be a self-seeding nuisance, but it is cheerful, undemanding, and I like it best in a mass planting. Actually, I tend to let it plant itself!

Honesty is 'In' - Lamium is 'Out"

 My word the lawn looks green!
Pond-side Septic Tank Border - 2009

The pond-side border backs onto the Septic Tank border, and both borders share one problem - semi-invasive lemon-flowering Lamium. Aargh! Every second year I think I've weeded it all out.

Self sown purple honesty is welcome, and flowers on both sides of the fence in Spring. The spikey edge plant towards the distance is a ruby Astelia.

 I grow the white flowering honesty too.
pond-side septic tank border - spring 2000

The final two photographs are also from the archive years, when the Yellow Wave flax and the ruby Astelia were still small. Later in the summer flowering perennials have taken over from the daffodils and honesty.

 Cosmos self seeds in here too.
pond-side septic tank border - summer 2000

You can see how small the Cabbage tree once was. This garden is still changing. Where will it all end?