Leopards Behind the Wood Shed

I've moved a spotty Ligularia (a Leopard Plant) into this narrow border behind the wood shed, and it is appreciating the shelter from the hot summer sun and the slight winter frosts. What a beautiful foliage plant this is!

 My leopard plants are semi-evergreen in the frosty winters.
spotty ligularia (Leopard Plant)

Spot the Spots!

These plants are good fun, although I would appreciate bigger spots! I grow another clump down by the water race in a sheltered foliage garden - even harder to spot its spots! Ligularias have shiny green leaves, and look good with green neighbours of contrasting texture. Behind the wood shed this Ligularia has a large green coarse carex grass on one side and a magenta flowered perennial geranium on the other.

 What beautiful spots!
The Leopard Plant

Aargh! That coarse green carex grass has been such a pest! In 2007 I dug them all out - well, so I thought. But three years later they were back, brighter, bigger, and greener than ever. Far too much of a good thing methinks - just a few well-behaved leaves would make a lovely contrast. The Leopard plants survive, but they don't seem to be spreading much. Wonder why?