Wood in the Wood Shed

The wood shed is full of wood collected from the property and sawed up ready for the log burner. Winter is never far away. And who knows - with New Zealand's peculiar weather, firewood could be needed anytime!

why are you peering into our wood shed?

Only my quirky web-master would insist on a photograph of the inside of the wood shed! He is also completely responsible for the picture's caption.

Weather Footnote

I would like to state on record that on New Year's Day, 2007, in the very middle of New Zealand's supposed summer, we had to have the log burner going. Brr....

 Filling up nicely.
Two Corners of the Woodshed

We are lucky that there's enough wood on the property to keep the home fires burning. Trees are thinned, trimmed, some fall down, some are felled, others die - that sort of thing. Yippee for the chainsaw!