Mermaid Rose On a Garden Fence

An old sheep fence used to run towards the Sleep-Out, with a narrow garden border on each side. In my earliest rose phase I planted two fierce Mermaid roses, whose thorny canes stretched right along the fence.

 The simplicity of a single rose.
the creamy yellow single rose mermaid

Mermaid is a lovely single rose with a rather nasty temper. If ever you decide to prune it, wear gauntlets! And don't ever expect to get pretty, floriferous photographs - there are always as many spent blooms as buds and new flowers.

 This must be the  most dangerous rose to weed underneath ever!
Mermaid Rose Flowering in Autumn

In the winter of 2007 I took out the Mermaid roses, and most of the back fence fence, and replanted grass lawn where the narrow garden borders had been. Just occasionally I get thorny Mermaid canes popping up out of the lawn to remind me what I'm missing. Hmm...