Most Beautiful Camellia in the World

 So beautiful.
Plantation Pink Camellia

Please, please, please... Why don't I properly record the names of my new Camellia purchases? The most beautiful Camellia in the whole gardening world is flowering at the moment - and it's nameless.

I've been painstakingly trawling back through my journals, looking at every plant list ever written. I've been poking in the back of the kitchen drawers hoping to unearth a plant label with a pretty pink picture on the front. I've had no luck what-so-ever.

What About the Labels?

Why do I insist on removing the labels when I plant new shrubs? One reason is obvious - I think I can remember the names. And it's much more impressive when visitors look over the garden. The gardener is obviously such an adept plantswonman that she doesn't need plant labels. Hmm...

And where do I actually stash the labels? I always put them in a safe place where they can later be found for reference. That's the theory. But that 'safe place' could be anywhere - in the garage, in the glass-house, in the bathroom (yes, I'm ashamed to admit this)...

 In the whole world?
Most Beautiful Camellia in the World

Having tipped out every drawer in just about every house room, I decided to check online. Yippee - success! I found (or so I thought) an image of the most beautiful Camellia in the whole gardening world - in a local nursery's online catalogue. I often shop there in the sales. I quickly convinced myself that I recognised the name - of course!

 A real beauty.
Plantation Pink Camellia

Is That You, Fairy Blush?

I politely introduced myself. Hello, Fairy Blush, beautiful New Zealand raised hybrid of Camellia lutchuensis - hello and welcome to the back of the Dog Kennel Garden.


But wait a minute - all the Google entries talked of miniature flowers. Oops. And my potential Fairy Blush has super-sized single flowers the size of latte bowls. Aargh! Back to square one.

Pink Dawn? Spring Dawn? Pink Something-or-Other? You're still the most beautiful Camellia in the whole gardening world. And one day some keen reader of Moosey website pages will recognise you... Please, please, please...

Footnote - Plantation Pink?

'A bit of a breakthrough' says the Head Gardener, rather tentatively the following month, not wanting to appear totally foolish. She's just found some pictures of Camellias in a local nursery catalogue, and spied one called Plantation Pink. It looks possible...