Fluffy Pink Camellia

 Name unknown, in the Wattle Woods.
Late Pink Camellia

Spring in the year 2004 saw the Camellias by my glass-house having their best flowering season ever. They'd taken some time to accept being uprooted and shifted into the Wattle Woods, their new forever home.

This is one of the fluffiest newcomers - a beautiful fluffy pink shrub, rescued from a life of unhappiness underneath a neighbour's hedge. It's been revitalised, and rehabilitated successfully in the Moosey Country Garden.

Late Season Flowers

With respect to the Camellia time-table in my garden, Miss Fluffy No-Name Pink flowers late in the season, in October. This is late spring, down here in the southern hemisphere.

Pink and red neighbours

The next door Camellia is red and spiky, and both shrubs flower at exactly the same time. It possibly should worry me having these two colours together. But they are both growing so well, obviously enjoying the dappled shade and my nurturing (good food and water).

 One of the last to flower.
Wattle Woods Pink Camellia

Please don't ask what the name of this Camellia is! None of my rescued plants came with labels on.

 Name unknown.
Late Pink Camellia in Wattle Woods