Foliage Pots by the Gum Tree

I dislike my big gum tree in February - it sheds leaves and bark all over the house lawn. But I love the collection of foliage and texture plants in pots which form a ring around its base.

February sees me wanting to chop down every Australian gum tree on the property - particularly the big house lawn gum tree. But if I did, this pot collection would look pretty silly, sitting in a circle around nothing in the middle of the lawn!

 Full of lovely foliage plants.
Pot Collection under the Gum Tree

Stylish Foliage

The pots themselves are budget - sale price specials, and 99 cent plastic buckets with drainage holes drilled in the bottom. The plants aren't amazingly exotic or rare in themselves, but it takes a stylish gardener with imagination to put the whole show together!

 Lots of different textures and colours.
Summer Pots

The biggest pot contains a Hakonechloa grass (Japanese Golden Grass) which is deciduous. Nearby there are two different Helichrysums, and a Heuchera. Easy, isn't it! Pity about the gum tree leaves and strips of gum tree bark which cascade down on the beautiful foliage every February day...